In the cities, there's an intrinsic relationship between the people and the neighborhood they inhabit. That relationship, in the end, determines how people move in time. Distance is long and public spaces became non-places, making the neighborhood the protagonist between the daily life and the personal construction of the city.

Inwood, a neighborhood located in Upper Manhattan is a cultural hybrid right now. The old structures and the new ones coming with gentrification are juxtaposed. Graffiti is mixing with architecture and nature, creating urban landscapes.

Young faces walk around the neighborhood and discover every day how their identities are part of the city and are transforming too. Where are you from? It is such a question that comes constantly in a place like New York, where people are coming from all over the world.

However, when it comes to talking about background, the streets of the city are the best playground to be raised and the only thing that matters for this kids is if you belong to them.

This project is a conversation with Inwood, as a place in process of transformation. As an outsider, I look for meanings, questions, and memories connected to this place. Teens, also in a moment in life that implies transformation, were a metaphor to reflect about Inwood and its identity as a neighborhood. Something that it is, will not be the same in two or three years. Someone whose identity is constructe, soon or later will change.

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